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Nerium Korea

Record-breaking Nerium Korea

Nerium Korea opened its doors for business on July 28th 2015. Within the first month it added over 40,000 Independent Brand partners. Naturally, this meant that it set new industry records with its sales. it recorded $39M sales revenue in the first 45 days after opening. It also had the.highest sales revenue recorded by a new company in its first 30 days of opening. Pretty impressive don’t you think?
in a brave attempt to make Nerium Korea a success, it recruited Korean-speaking Brand Partners in North America and Mexico. It has a Korean interpreter to deal with any language problems that may arise. Anyone who lives in Korea has the opportunity to join Nerium as a Brand Partner.You can sell Nerium products in any country in the world.There are Nerium resources in Korean to help facilitate new Brand Partners. So why not go to Nerium’s website to find out more?
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What’s so special about Nerium products?

To begin with Nerium products are the result of many years of research by Princeton researchers. They are full of antioxidant ingredients. These can slow the ageing process. You can have glowing, healthy skin again, as you had in your youth.
There are special ingredients in Nerium skin care products. Here’s a list of them:-
  • NAE-8® This has powerful antioxidant properties and comes from Nerium oleander and aloe vera.
  • EHT® Developed after 20 years of research.
  • SIG-1191™ This ingredient is awaiting its patent. Designed to use in the eye area.
All of them designed to slow the ageing process.  They can do this because of their powerful antioxidant properties.
Our EHT® ingredient is slightly different to the other two. This helps promote better cognitive functioning, as it is a mixture of bioactive molecules derived from the coffee bean.
Nerium Korea and Nerium International are all about keeping both the mind and body in shape.
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Aloe vera and Nerium oleander

Apart from coffee bean extract, we also use extracts from the white Nerium oleander plant. If you have visited a Mediterranean country, you will probably have seen this bush. Of course, it also comes in red, pink and yellow. Don’t try to eat the seeds, though, as they are highly toxic.
In various forms of traditional medicine, oleander helps to treat various ailments and diseases, Here’s a brief list:-
  • Extracts from oleander can potentially boost the immune system;
  • In traditional medicine oleander helps fight cardiac problems;
  • It might help inhibit the growth of some cancer cells, some claim;
However, it is toxic, so unless you know what you are doing, this bush is best avoided.
Aloe vera is much less harmful. In fact, it is positively beneficial for the skin. It has the ability to heal wounds, which is why Alexander the Great took so many cart-loads to India with his army.
If you have an aloe vera plant, you will know that the gel inside the leaves is good not only for the skin, but also for the hair. It softens wiry hair and leathery skin. Cleopatra used it too. You can imagine what it can do for your skin when combined with other powerful antioxidants.

Are you curious?

If  you would like to earn some extra cash, make new friends and sell Nerium products, visit the Nerium website and find out more about becoming a Nerium Independent Brand Partner.