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Welcome to Nerium Japan!

Nerium has come to Japan! The Nerium Japan Brand Center opened on July 19 2016 in Tokyo. Of course, there were Nerium Japan independent Brand partners already in various regions of Japan. Jeff Olson, the CEO of Nerium had this to say at the opening of the Center:

“Asia-Pacific is one of the most important regions for relationship marketing. We have a large Japanese base of Brand Partners in the U.S., and we are thrilled to bring our winning combination of opportunity and unique, proprietary products into a country that we feel is a leader in the skincare industry.”

What Nerium products are there in Japan?

Nerium products protect the skin from the ravages of the ageing process. The products marketed in Japan include Nerium’s Age-Essential™ Night Cream Optimera+™ Formula, Age-Essential™ Day Cream Optimera+™ Formula and the Body Couture Cream™ Optimera™ Formula. These Nerium products all contain the proprietary SIG-1273™ ingredient. This was perfected after 20 years of research undertaken by Princeton University Professor, Jeffry Stock, who experimented with 1,272 versions.of SIG-1273™. So these Nerium skin care products have been tried and tested before they are sold to customers. For this reason, new customers can rest assured that these products live up to the hype.

The first products sold at the Nerium Japan Brand Center were:
Age-Essential™ Night Cream, Optimera+™ Formula, which is for the face and neck, so it helps to nourish the skin and helps stop fine lines that can appear when the skin becomes dry.

      • Age-Essential™ Day Cream, Optimera+™ Formula, which is a lighter version of the Night Cream. This is also for the face and neck and it helps the skin by giving it a glowing, healthy-looking appearance.
      • Firming Body Couture Cream™ which is for the whole body, thus it helps to tighten and firm up the skin. So you can get rid of saggy skin and cellulose with this product.

New business opportunities with Nerium in Japan

When Nerium has a base in a country, it helps the economy by providing new jobs for its inhabitants. Thus, there are already many Nerium Japan Independent Brand Partners. Why not join them? Think of the benefits of being a Nerium Independent Brand Partner in Japan:

  1. You can work hours to suit your lifestyle.
  2. No matter where you are, you can work.
  3. Earn extra money to help with the household expenses.
  4. You will gain new skills, as all Nerium Brand partners receive training.
  5. Making new friends is part of the experience. These will be your customers and your colleagues.
  6. You will enjoy all the benefits of having your own business with the full support of Nerium.
  7. You don’t have to spend very much money to start.
  8. The products virtually sell themselves.
  9. There are incentive bonuses to work for that include trips to exotic places.
  10. You can get paid weekly bonuses when you enrol new customers.

These are just the top 10 reasons for working with Nerium Japan. However, there are others that you will discover for yourself if you become a Nerium Japan independent Brand Partner.

You can always contact a Nerium Independent Brand Partner and discuss the opportunities that are available for you. So why not visiting the Nerium website? Find out more by watching videos, reading testimonials and asking a local brand partner about Nerium.

Don’t delay doing something about earning some extra cash. Pick up the phone, or go online and find out more about the skin care products so you can start to sell them.