Nerium Colombia Coming Soon Followed By Europe!

Nerium Colombia is almost here!

On the 19th of January 2017, Nerium Colombia is opening its doors. Finally, three amazing Nerium events are about to happen in January 2017:
  • Medellin – January 27
  • Cali – January 28
  • Bogota – January 29
If you can make either one of them, you will have a very pleasant time!

Nerium products

Nerium products are suitable for the face and the body. They are full of powerful antioxidant ingredients. Thus, these combat the ageing process and give you a healthy, glowing skin. As a result, your skin will feel and look younger. Wrinkles and crow’s feet disappear. Hence, if you haven’t tried the products, order some today. The results will amaze you!! Some of the patented ingredients contain Nerium oleander, aloe vera and coffee beans.
  • NAE-8® is as extract, patented after years of biotechnological research. It contains Nerium oleander and aloe vera.
  • EHT® is a substance formulated after 20 years of research at Princeton university. This molecule is a derivative of coffee beans. So, it improves memory and cognitive functions.
  • SIG-1191™ is a potent antioxidant that targets the skin around the eyes. Thus, it helps to smooth our wrinkles and crow’s feet.
The range of Nerium products offers very effective solutions for various skin problems.
Face products include:
– For the evening: Nerium Age-defying Night Cream
– Daily maintenance: Nerium, Age-Defying Day Cream
– For the eyes area: Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum
The Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream is for the body. This contains powerful antioxidants derived from green tea and caffeine. The start of this cream is the patented NAE-8® extract. The products listed above will all be on sale at Nerium Colombia. There is little scientific research to test the efficacy of oleander in fighting these problems. The plant contains toxic cardiac glycosides, so it is best left alone.
Because ground seeds make a potent poison, these are still used in some countries. Primitive tribes used it as poison placed on the tips of arrows. A reduced quantity of the extract is in some Nerium Colombia products, but these are harmless. Even so, the cream is not for ingesting.

Look younger with Nerium!

Nerium Colombia’s products are an investment in your skin. There will be no saggy skin or wrinkles. Firm up your face and body! You owe it to yourself. Most of all, your skin will feel a lot healthier and you will benefit by feeling better in your skin. Nerium’s Firming Body Contour Cream has several benefits. It –
  • Smoothes
  • Tightens
  • Firms and
  • Tones your skin.
Besides all these benefits, the product is effective to attack cellulite! You can feel happier about wearing swimwear on the beach! In fact, the product suits men and women.

Nerium Colombia Independent Brand Partners

If you need extra cash, you should think about joining Nerium Colombia. You can join as an Independent Brand Partner and get paid to sell your favourite products. You can work hours to suit yourself, which is one of the benefits. Besides that, you will receive rewards for your hard work and enjoy meeting new people. Nerium provides its new brand partners with the training they need to start their own business. They learn business skills and have the support of Nerium at all times. If you feel you would like to do something different, welcome aboard the Nerium Colombia team!