Nerium Australia

A  warm welcome to Nerium Australia!

Nerium Australia’s new office is based in Adelaide. The team at Nerium Australia are keen to attract new Nerium Independent Brand Partners. Let’s face it, this could be a great way of earning some much-needed extra cash. Have you tried Nerium’s skin care products? Were you impressed? Would you be happy selling them? You certainly wouldn’t need to give people the hard sell! These skin care products sell themselves. Everyone wants to buy some! The results are truly incredible. Just check our the be fore and after pictures on Nerium’s website.

While Nerium Australia has a new office, its Independent Brand partners have been working on Australia for some time. Why not join them? Think what you could do with the extra cash:

  • Do those home repairs that you have been putting off doing because of a lack of cash.
  • Buy a new (or second-hand) car.
  • Buy presents for the kids or grandchildren.
  • Go on a well-deserved holiday.
  • Do the things you always wanted to do, but couldn’t afford.

Find out more today!

What are these skin-care products?

These skin-care products contain Nerium oleander extract, patented under the name NAE-8®. This also contains extracts from the aloe vera extracts. In addition to this is the patented EHT molecule, derived from coffee beans. Nerium oleander is the white flowered plant which grows all around the world in temperate zones. In traditional medicine systems it is used to treat people suffering from leiomyosarcoma, breast or prostate cancer and Ewing’s sarcoma. Little research has been carried out to test the efficacy of such treatments though.

However, Nerium oleander contains heart-active ‘cardiac glycoside’ chemicals, which could mean that it could be used in congestive heart failure treatment. So the actual plant could be very beneficial to our health.

Aloe vera, of course, has been used for centuries for its wound-healing properties and for use on the skin. Cleopatra used it, for example, and Alexander the Great took loads of it on his campaign to India.

The patented extracts used in Nerium creams have antioxidant properties. These combat the ageing process. The creams can be used to smooth out wrinkles around the eyes, on the face and on the neck. You can have a smoother, healthier-looking skin which will make you look much younger. That’s why these Nerium Australia product will all but sell themselves.

Available products from Nerium Australia

Nerium Australia is selling Nerium night cream, Nerium day cream and Nerium body contour cream, as well as the eye serum. The latter specifically targets the find lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles that appear around the eyes.

Nerium Body Contour cream helps to get rid of cellulose, and tightens up sagging skin. Skin looks much younger and firmer when you use this cream regiularly.



Become a Nerium Independent Brand Partner

Now that Nerium Australia is a reality, with its own office, sales are set to increase. You too could become a Nerium Independent Brand Partner and increase your earnings.

If you are internet savvy and know about social networking, you cold soon be on your way to earning more. Of course, the company will give you all the training you need to make your new business a success.

Along the way, you will make new friends with other Nerium Independent Brand partners, as well as your new customers.

You will be independent, but at the same time, Nerium will support you in your business venture. Why not find out more by visiting the Nerium website?