Does Nerium Work for Acne?

Are you thinking about the question ‘Does Nerium Work for acne?’

Have you got acne? Are you embarrassed because of it? Why not try Nerium skin products? Find out if they work yourself, instead of just asking the question ‘Does Nerium work for acne?’

Acne is usually a teenage problem. It often starts at the same time as puberty. The cause of acne is because the sebaceus glands in the skin produce too much oil, called seburn.

Acne is not a dangerous condition,merely an embarrassing one. No one wants to be called “spotty” or “zit face.” People who suffer from acne have to endure the taunts of other teenagers (and sometimes adults. If you are not an acne sufferer, you can’t imagine what it does to someone’s morale and confidence.


Acne can leave scars if the acne pimple is scratched. This, of course only exacerbated the problems. So is you suffer from unsightly acne, you should be taking action rather than asking ‘Does Nerium work for acne?’


There are many causes of acne, but the main one is that the main cause is a rise of the levels of androgen in the body. The levels increase in puberty. However, teenagers are not the only people who can suffer from acne.

Both males and females have androgens, but they have different amounts. The fact that we think of them as male hormones is very misleading.The main androgens are testosterone and androstenedione. The levels of these hormones are much higher in men than women.

Women produce androgens in their ovaries, fat cells and adrenal glands, among other part of the body.

Acne causes can also include menstruating, being under a lot of stress, or suffering from anxiety. It is sometimes genetic too, passed on from the family. Too many androgens in a woman’s body can cause excessive hair to grow on the body. They do not just cause acne.

Low androgen levels are problematic too. An androgen deficiency can affect the libido negatively. Of course, this lowers during the menopause.

Other causes of acne

Greasy cosmetic products can block the pores and cause spots and acne. If you wear makeup you should clean your face well to prevent spots, pimples and acne.If you use Nerium.

Perhaps you are not getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. You can rectify this by eating more fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and herring, for example.If you are a vegetarian, eat walnuts and flax seeds. These are good sources of Omega-3.

Because acne is actually a hormonal problem, the various acne creams and lotions you might have been using, don’t actually work. By that, I mean that although the acne spots may disappear for a while, they will re-emerge if you stop the treatment. Also you can’t usually continue the treatment for more than a few weeks or perhaps months.

Nerium products, because they are made with natural ingredients, might work very well for you. So instead of pondering the question ‘Does Nerium work for acne?’ try some of the products now.

Why not try Nerium Night or Day Cream, or both. These products help protect your skin from the ageing-process and can help make your skin more elastic. They can also protect it from the elements too, by acting as a barrier cream in cold weather.

So instead of bemoaning your fate and asking ‘Does Nerium work fr acne?’ order some Neriumproducts and fin out if they do for yourself.